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Why is this true? I think because most developers are not that invested in the products they produce and most customers want everything done yesterday, which leads to a lack of thought and consideration as to what is really important. Really, try asking a client what is important on a list of features and most of them will pick at least half, and when everything is important nothing can be. Although when everything is implemented 80% of the client's time will be spent using only 20% of features.

Is there a solution to this problem? I don't know. Contracting companies and clients both want to keep hours to a minimum and most are simply unable to picture perfection so whatever works well enough is often what is delivered and accepted. However I think that it would be beneficial with willing clients to try to reverse the default time allocation and spend the most time on design and testing and far less time on coding and ad-hoc changes. While I do not consider changes to be bad when working in an agile process there must be a clear vision for what the software is intended for so that feature creep does not become an issue.

Personally I do not mind creating a few solutions to give clients a real choice. Although in today's economic circumstances some may say that it is not financially wise to do so, however I believe that good products will keep on delivering value to both the creator and the client and is really more of an investment by both parties instead of just the end result of a simple transaction.


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