February 2009 traffic review

The progress of my blog has surpassed my expectations in February. My original quarterly goal for March was a high of 50 visitors a day. However on February 28 the Google Analytics traffic report shows a visitor count of 82. The traffic is still largely coming from Google search, with RSS subscriber numbers embarrassingly low. The traffic chart is below.

With my modest traffic goals met I have set a new quarterly goal, for the end of June, of archiving 200 visitors a day. Based on current growth of each week giving me a new high that is approximately 10 higher than the previous week, it should be achievable; although I am waiting for the figures to plateau as these things seem to do.

The traffic numbers also seem to correlate tightly to the number of posts I have. The current post count is 75. So once I hit 200 posts I should be able to achieve the 2nd quater goal I have set. While I understand this post is rather different than my regular posts on programming and tech hopefully this will help others put their ventures into building a blog in perspective in terms of realistic grow rates.


Anonymous said...

I don't really understand "traffic goals." Just post what you want and if people are interested, great. Just have fun, you know?

Paul Chiu said...

Hi hackmiester, I understand your point, and I do enjoy writing. But I find it fun to achieve something, which requires setting goals for my self. Having goals for traffic means that I am thinking about what is useful to people by looking at my site logs etc, and contributing more of what is needed rather than just what I am interested in.

I guess it all depends on the goals each person have for their own blogs. I have another personal blog that is just an outlet for some random thoughts and I do not think too much about that blog. However my goal for 24HA is for it to be a useful resource to people similar to all the blogs I've had to learn from and reference in the past that actually contained good useful information that saved me time.

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