New Cake PHP API viewer now on Cake's website

Cake PHP has a new API viewer. I am not really a fan. The overall theme has been cleaned up and replaces the previously tight and compact layout. Where as before I could easily view all classes on the screen I now need to use vertical scrolling to find the class I need. Furthermore the actual class viewer has also been put through the CSS style machine and now uses far bigger headings and wastes about 1/4 of the left side of the page for a mysterious margin.

I am a big Cake PHP fan and it is the framework I am most proficient with at this time. Unlike Ruby on Rails, Cake PHP has all the niceties in a programming language that is pretty much ubiquitous on all web hosts meaning that it is suitable for any client whether they are on a strict shared hosting environment or have complete control over their own dedicated server. Pretty much everything is easier to manage with PHP simply due to the amount of resources available due to its existing popularity before mature development frameworks.

Getting back to the point of the post. The new API viewer is not really an improvement over the old one and I do wish that they kept a copy of the old generator available so people can use that view of the API which is definitely leaner and meaner; a probable cause of why  this new pacified version is introduced.


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