January 2009 traffic review

One of my quarterly goals for this website is to reach 50 visitors per day by March. I launched this site just before the new year in 2009 with zero traffic and have decided to actively pursue traffic in the hopes of getting some ad revenue. While I am realistic about ad revenue prospects being financially meaningless until I am getting much more than tens of thousands of visitors a month it is nonetheless important to have a vision of what you want to achieve and to track it so that there is a strategic direction in your actions.

The results for this month are not that accurate as I only installed Google analytics about half way through this month so I only have statistics for about half the month. Nevertheless, they are:

The stats do some some good and bad news. The good news is that my traffic level is already reaching the high 30s and consistently getting around 20, so my quarterly goal of 50 a day appears to be attainable. Most of my traffic are coming from Google with very few referrals. Google traffic is good, direct traffic shows people are coming back (I try not to visit my own site more than a couple of times a week to check for post visual errors), however the lack of referrals show that I am not really being linked to. The most popular pages are all Linux related with a lot of my other posts going unread.

This quick analysis allowed me to see areas of improvement I can make to get even more traffic. The first item is to submit my site to other search engines. I have only submitted to Google because they are the number one search engine for me, but I am clearly missing out by not even being aware of what the traffic potential of other search engines are.

The second item I need to focus on is writing more quality content. Clearly people are more interested in guides on how to set up their own Linux servers instead of posts on my own personal projects that have not yet been released. So writing more guides is clearly an easy way to boost traffic.

The final item I see require improvement is making easier for people to link to me. The only thing I can think of right now is to add social bookmarking buttons to every page (ie. Digg this, etc). Also by increasing the number of subscription buttons it should make it easier for people to keep updated on site items and have them come back.

I have added all improvement ideas to my to do list and will carry them out over the course of the month. Hopefully the results can be seen before the end of February, however their impact should be able to be determined by the end of March at the latest.


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