Project ambitions

I had a pretty good personal day today. Spent time with the girlfriend, friends, and basically did nothing. While I have not been working extremely hard it does appear to be quite difficult to spend the amount of time required on the projects as well as maintaining non-programming hobbies. 

Personally I quite enjoy programming but with 40 hours a week dedicated to programming at work my enthusiasm for coding is no longer what it used to be back when I was in high school or even university. This lack of excitement over projects seems a waste given my personal ability have improved vastly over the years and I know that I am able to produce 52 projects a year; an initial goal I had for the year.

The idea of scaling back my ambitions to doing one project a month instead of one a week is a tempting one and one I may possibly pursue. However I am also reluctant to do it as I started this site to keep my self in a creative mood by forcing my self to constantly work on new projects that require my creative output as well as challenge me as a software developer. Although my belief is that with more time given per project I can perhaps spend more time researching solutions as well as trying out different technologies that are around.

Re-factoring is a common thing I do during coding therefore I consider "re-factoring" my goals to not be necessarily bad. This post is really a rant/stream-of-thought and I do believe it is in my best interest to take more time on each project and do it right and do it using interesting technologies I do not know. So I guess I look forward to completing Passbook as well as thinking of things to do with Cappuccino and the Google Web Toolkit.


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