Project alpha: Passbook - Working copy templated, Launchpad project started

The project is finally getting some traction with Cake PHP installed, set up, and basic code generated. The documentation for Cake PHP has really improved since I last looked and it is strange to look as I am used to re-using code from work. However to avoid conflict of interest and intellectual property issues for all my personal projects I am coding everything from scratch. In a way it is quite freeing to be able to start from a clean slate and implement functions using the most efficient methods I am aware of, which far improved from my previous attempts.

I decided to change where my project is hosted from Google Code Project Hosting to Launchpad. The problem with Google Code Project Hosting is that they limit each account to 10 projects. Launchpad on the other hand does not place such restrictions on users as well as supporting my preferred version control system: Bazaar Version Control. The registration process was quite easy and I look forward to hosting various project functions (code, bug tracking, discussions) there.


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