Project alpha: Passbook - Wireframe design complete

After spending about two hours the wire frame design of my first project of the year is complete. I have decided to name the project Passbook and its purpose will be to enable users to keep passwords of insignificant accounts that seem to accrue way too fast online. Because I do not have an SSL certificate for the project and do not plan to get one for the project for the time being I believe the project's audience will be those who want to have different passwords for different sites but do not necessary want to remember them all.

I currently use Google Notebook for this task and it is not the most appropriate solution as sometimes Google tends to wipe out notes if I click on a note before the page has fully loaded. Also the auto-linking of website addresses and emails is rather unnecessary as a password keeper do not need to follow links and simply need to allow quick copying of whatever is stored.

Using Google Notebook as a model does make me appreciate just how much work is involved in streamlining that interface. My current wire frames are already loaded with CRUD access buttons that are duplicated because I use a Group->Items organization method that seems like the most simple yet useful way to organize the possibly large list of access details. The number of features that need to be implemented are quickly adding up as I draw each wire frame and I think the numbers will become even greater as I do the HTML mock ups.

Currently it does not really appear I will be able to complete the project within 24 hours. However I am hopeful that proper planning of each feature and what will get implemented in each hour will mean on time completion for this project.


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