Project alpha: Passbook - The slowdown begins

Work started again today and I sure do feel tired. The combination of working out in the morning, staying at the office for nine hours, and commuting by bicycle to and from, means I do not feel as energized as before to continue with project matters. However, just like blogging I feel that it is important to maintain momentum even if I just complete one HTML screen mock up per day for the current phase of the project. Later on it should be a lot easier when I start coding as I start to employ my core skills.

Nevertheless I look forward to seeing what I can achieve tonight. I have been procrastinating though, especially with no work contributed to the project on a Sunday yesterday, due to the difficulties I am finding in laying out a good template for the main password keeper view. Drawing wire frames already took two tries I do believe that the HTML mock up will take many more attempts before it looks good enough to implement. Now I can see why new years resolutions are so hard to keep - because it is very hard to push your self when it is so much easier to let things be.


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