Project alpha: Passbook - One bit at a time

I finally found some time this morning to work on mocking up the application. It is good to know that I can still have some mornings to do the required work thereby allowing for more time on weekends for other things. Although the constant switching between projects is making it somewhat difficult to maintain momentum. I currently have about four projects on my plate with two main projects at work, one personal project, and a idea that is being developed with a friend.

The mock ups are now version controlled with the main passwords listing page coming along nicely. I still need to do different states of viewing/editing groups as well as individual password records. Then the hardest screen to mock up will be complete. By giving my self a one month time allowance I can now reschedule my goal for the end of this week to be mock up full completion as well as database schema design and implementation. That allows for almost three weeks of implementation, testing, and deployment.


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