Project alpha: Passbook - Getting things done

A good big of progress was done today on Passbook. The mockups are still coming along with the main listing page about 80% complete. I have decided to use YUI's Panel styling for my main content boxes. The results are actually not too bad as Yahoo's general style is quite generic thus does not clash with the default template too much.

The progress have made me think about publishing issues. While the application will be hosted and free to use for anyone, while ad supported, I will also try to offer downloadable code for self hosting on Google Code Project Hosting. The sign up page looks quite simple although I am unsure as to whether or not Google has a review process similar to SourceForge.

Developing the mockups have also given me ideas about jQuery plugins that could be written. Currently I am interested in creating a status display similar to what Gmail uses to let people know when it is loading, sending, etc. Anyway, I am just taking things one step at a time to see how this project evolves. With a total of 9 hours spent so far and not a bit of PHP written my initial goals do appear rather ambitious.


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