Project alpha: Passbook - Design decisions

About three hours were spent today, while watching a couple of movies,
on designing HTML mock ups. The HTML mock ups are taking much longer
than I expected as my HTML and CSS skills are quite rusty. Although I
have saved a lot of time using a template from Studio7 Designs found on
their open source templates website. While the open source templates
website was the number one results I looked through a lot of other
disappointing templates before settling on it.

The state of open source icon sets appears to much better than the
state of open source website templates with two of the top ten Google
results giving high quality usable results containing icon sets that
come with a creative commons license. I decided to use the Proxal
icon set with 40 icons as my main source due to my preference for the
artist's style and i also plan to use FAM FAM FAM's Silk icon set as a
backup for anything else that Proxal does not have.

Unfortunately about an hour was wasted as I tried a few design
development environments to see how easily they allowed me to modify
the template. Unfortunately all of them (Coda, KompoZer, and
Dreamweaver) felt like more trouble than they were worth and I ended up
sticking with good old ViM with Firefox, Firebug, and ReloadEvery.

So far I have completed about three and a quarter of the wire frames
and still have about four or five to go, which is not making things
look very good time wise as technically the first weekend of the year
is over tomorrow. However I have decided to take it a bit easier on my
self and give my self a deadline of January the 8th for a completion
date. The deadline will still be very difficult to reach as I return
to work on Monday January 5th and I am unsure whether my mental
stamina is enough to allow me to continue being productive on my hobby
project after an 8 hour work day. I guess I will find out pretty soon.


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