Pandora on webOS development

Palm Info Center has an interesting article with a Pandora developer on creating a client for their online radio service on the webOS. The article is quite interesting and goes into greater detail than the normal press releasy superfical information and actually talks about the trade-offs made in the Mojo SDK.

The interview reveals that really any web developer can start coding on the Palm Pre as the development framework really only uses HTML, CSS, and Javascript. For information management applications this model is very productive as web developers are a dime a dozen these days and by keeping everything simple all a developer has to do is learn the API.

An interesting point that is brought up is the difficulty that developers will face when trying to create games as the frame work does not appear to be too focused on graphic performance as it is a fairly high level framework, which nearly always means a penalty in speed when you are trying to do highly computational tasks such as 3D modelling.

Nonetheless the article is a very interesting look at the upcoming OS from Palm and I look forward to trying it out one day.


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