Blogger and Linode VPS - Part 3: Removing unwanted Blogger icons

New Blogger templates seem to have a lot of editing icons. A few of the templates, including the one I ended up using, had this feature. See below for what I mean.

To remove them for aesthetic purposes requires editing the template's CSS in Blogger's Layout HTML section. You will need to add the following lines within the <style></style> tags.

span.widget-item-control, span.item-control{

The item-control item is for editing posts and widget-item-control is for widget controls that apply to all Blogger widgets. To restore the icons temporarily without removing the hiding code simply change none to inline.

My template only had those two icons in its contents so it may not cover all control icons. To find the class name for other control icons or elements you want hidden you will need to view the source code. In Firefox this can be done by highlighting a section of the web page, right clicking, and choosing view page source. The class name required should belong to the closest span tag near the image.


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