Blogger and Linode VPS - Part 1: Custom domain setup

The main website of 24 Hour Apps is powered by Blogger. I will be writing about the process it took me to set up everything in the hopes of making it easier for someone else. I believe Blogger is a very good blogging platform due it the small about time required to get it working with 80% of functionality that most blogs need.

The first step is creating a Blogger account, creating a blog, then setting it up to use a custom domain name. Blogger has good help articles on how to achieve this so I won't re-write their instructions, however you should ignore advice about adding CNAME DNS records.

On the Linode side you need to Add a new domain zone for your domain, or if you have already done it click Edit on the domain you want to change. You should have Linode automatically insert default DNS entries to start you off, you need to do this because Linode will sort user added entries alphabetically which makes it difficult later on to do things like add wildcard and blank subdomains.

While Blogger instructions say that a CNAME record is required it is not an ideal solution for Linode's DNS service as it orders A/AAAA records before CNAME records which means if you have a wildcard hostname it will never reach the Blogger CNAME record. The solution to this is to add the wildcard host name first then edit the blank and www host name records (created by default by Linode) to point to; the IP address of the server.

After waiting up to 15 minutes for Linode's name server to update you can test your results from your shell account by typing dig and if it shows then everything is good to go. All you need to do now is wait for your domain name server to receive the changes to view your Blogger hosted blog from your domain.

As a final tip you should tell blogger to redirect to automatically to prevent any duplicate content penalties in Google.


kalai said...

From this i know that how to create a blogger using the custom domain name. But however it remains to need an ip address. But my question is whether we have to use the static ip address or dynamic ip address for this blogger creation. Becoz i use to find the ip address from ip address /

Unknown said...

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